Wines Made By Women

Empowering customers to make socially conscious choices about the winegrowers they support.

We partner exclusively with women winegrowers/owners who produce organic and sustainable wines in France, Italy and beyond.

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The holiday gift set was AMAZING! We are definitely fans of this Chardonnay! We actually saved back a bottle to do a blind tasting with our favorite American Chardonnay, this one in particular was definitely a winner!
Poulsbo, WA

Hi Marilee - It was a pleasure to meet you and I love the rose! I have the 2nd bottle chilling in the fridge and gave the 3rd away as a gift :) Looking forward to trying your other offering soon! xoxo

Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed your knowledge and your obvious love of the vino!

Prosser, WA

About Us

Marilee Bramhall


We believe in women

We believe in wine

We believe in sustainability

We believe in having fun!

Our mission is to elevate the work of women in the world of wine

Why women?

It’s time to tell their stories and drink their wines. Women have been producing enchanting wines throughout the ages, but so many of their stories have yet to be told. Men have run the world of wine for centuries. We elevate women by sharing their wines and their stories.

Why wine?

It brings us together in times of joy and sorrow. Wine is a mysterious elixir that for centuries has given us pleasure and eased our vexations. It is present at grand dinners as well as simple, solitary meals. It connects us with both nature and hedonism.

Why sustainability?

The most vibrant, alive and exciting wines are grown in living soil; soil that is part of a thriving and interconnected system of life. Taking care of the soil is essential so that it can keep giving us these marvelous wines.

Why Fun?

What better way to celebrate great food, great moments and great friends than with wine? Wine doesn’t have to be pompous and fussy; its sole purpose is our pleasure and enjoyment. Let’s replace the stodgy and inscrutable parts of wine with fun!

Of course, we’re going to source and select delicious wines for you and bring them to you from earth to glass, but that’s not why you should join our movement. Join us because you believe in women, you believe in wine, you believe in sustainability.

Let’s have some fun together! We want you to connect with these women winegrowers through their wines (and you can come visit them with me if you want!).

About Our Founder:

Marilee Bramhall vividly remembers her first sip of wine; a left bank Bordeaux paired with a wonderful dinner prepared by her Dad. That single sip has led to a lifetime of curiosity and wonder. After nearly a decade in the WA and CA wine industry Marilee began her study of old-world wines. Since then, she has completed with the Highest Honors the certifications for French Wine Scholar and Italian Wine Scholar. She has completed the examination for WSET L2 with Distinction and is a French Wine Scholar Instructor for the Wine Scholar Guild at Cellar Muse Wine School In addition Marilee has completed programs with the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins De Bourgogne in Beaune, France: a Masterclass for Wine Educators and a Five-Day Bourgogne Wines Intensive Masterclass in Bourgogne, France. Marilee lives in Seattle with her husband Christopher and their yellow lab Aspen.

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